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I Wrote This For You

I Wrote This For You

I first found (well I say “found”; more like “directed to”, I guess) the pages of I Wrote This For You Blog two years ago. I was young, broken-hearted and depressed. And if you’ve ever seen me this way, to say that I’m not a bubbling ball of fun is the biggest understatement of the … Continue reading


  • Just got myself a Tumblr account. Follow me at http://abbicabanding.tumblr.com/
  • I missed you and now I'm back! Watch out for new updates!
  • My design and artistic portfolio is now available at Temperance. It is still being updated as I'm still locating my other works. [I think the files are still on Azrael (my previous PC) so I'll be updating as soon as I transfer them to Aziraphale (my laptop)] Cheers! ^_^


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  • Alan Rickman was one of my heroes. He showed me that when you love what you do, you give 200%. Always. With or without recognition. 😢 1 month ago
  • That moment your digital agency doesn’t have a decent internet connection. #GDMT 1 month ago
  • @SherlonV Nah! A 140-character public shaming is exactly in order. I have kept calm through the hell and high water they've put me through. 1 month ago

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