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UPCAT 2007 Results Released

The UPCAT 2007 Results are now posted at the U.P. Office of Admissions. You can also check the online results here. You can also view and search the said results via the University WAP site at http://wap.up.edu.ph/upcat/ using any WAP-enabled device (cellphones, PDAs, etc.)

hmm… interesting. The release of the UPCAT result is earlier than usual. If I remember correctly it was already the 3rd week of February when the 2005 UPCAT result was released.

Anyways, congratulations to all who passed!

Kym and Kenneth: Congrats, guys! Looks like we’ll be seeing each other again next academic year. 😉


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Abbi Cabanding is a member of the Security Bloggers Network and had been blogging on information security since 2006. She is also a member of the Association for Computing Machinery. She studied Computer Science and Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines - Diliman.


108 thoughts on “UPCAT 2007 Results Released

  1. june 22,2007
    was my nikki passed in the exam(upcat)?kasi po pasukan na wala pa pong dumarating na result sa test niya,oo po may dumating pero hindi ung result ang nakalagay,pinapa-submit lang po ung permanent records niya.at naibigay na po niya yun sa inyo before april 4(deadline of submision)…..NAKAPASA PO BA SIYA?sulatan niyo nman po siya kung nkapasasiya o hindi,kasi nga po di ba paukan na hindi pa niya alam yung result ng tinest niya..at yung mga kasama po niyang nagtest nun napadalhan na ng sulat,nkalagay dun ung mga results na nkuha nila at sinabi rin dun kung failed or passed sila,samantalang kay nikki hindi sinabi kung passed or failed tapos hindi pa inilagay run kung nakapasa siya o hindi…
    waiting for your response/reply…and hoping that my friend passed…

    yours truly,
    jhonny rufa roa

    Posted by nikki janica lozada | June 22, 6:33 pm, 6:33 pm
  2. Nikki passed the UPCAT but she’s on the pending case list. She might not have submitted all the required documents. If she already submitted the documents, she should be able to enroll.

    you can view the pending case list here:

    Posted by princess of antiquity | June 25, 7:28 am, 7:28 am
  3. sir/madame:
    it’s nikki na po!
    pinasa na po namin yung mga requirements na hinihingi niyo,at matagal na po yun bago pa po yung sinasabi niyong deadline of sumission…pero nakapasa po talaga ako?!…..so,pano na po yan pag nag-enrol po ba ako dyan scholar pa rin po ba ako?
    pwede pa po ba akong pumasok dyan? adn,pano po yung sinasabi niyong mga hindi ko nai-submit na requirements?kung hindi po niyo natanggap,maaari ko pa po bang i-submit yun?

    nikki janica

    Posted by nikki janica lozada | June 26, 2:10 pm, 2:10 pm
  4. sasasmantalahin ko na ito!!!!!!!!!
    visit my friendster account

    Posted by marsha | July 17, 2:19 pm, 2:19 pm
  5. can’t access upcat result. just really want to know kung nakapasa pamangkin ko Kthleen Kalaw Lastra. puro may nerbyos mga kasama ko dito. pati c kathleen nininerbyos malaman kung nakapasa sya. thanks

    Posted by lyn | August 22, 10:52 am, 10:52 am
  6. UPCAT 2007 results will be released on February. ^_^

    Posted by princess of antiquity | August 24, 7:16 pm, 7:16 pm
  7. …helow po….wanna know if my niece have passed the upcat this aug 2007? i cant access the official wesite of upcat…and also, unfortuantely. our post system here is not working. we cant receive letters until nest year, may. wanna know if he passed, by the way the name of my niece is Jerico Riel A. Binayug.. thanks 🙂 ill be waiting for your message.. 🙂

    Posted by Mar Santos | October 30, 5:01 pm, 5:01 pm
  8. awts,..,kala ko my result nah,..,^^

    Posted by myaca | November 12, 9:04 pm, 9:04 pm
  9. …hi p0w,,,i just wanna kn0w if i passed the upcat.my full name is Deana G. Escritor,,,tnx…

    Posted by deana | November 22, 8:23 pm, 8:23 pm
  10. Uhmm,,

    may i know if my cousin B-John B. Ignacio passed the exam…

    I hope you’ll reply..


    Posted by Ronald Salvador | November 30, 12:07 pm, 12:07 pm
  11. Hello.. Good morning..

    I would just like to ask if my son,, Megan E. Arsitoy passed the UPCAT….

    Pls reply….


    Posted by Thea marie garcia | November 30, 12:08 pm, 12:08 pm
  12. Hello! This is Sakura Eri Maezono. I just want to know If I and my sister passed the upcat. Her name is Shizuka Mei Maezono. I wish to know our results as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!

    Posted by Sakura Eri Maezono | December 8, 7:42 pm, 7:42 pm
  13. Hello! gusto ko lang pong malaman kung pumasa po ako sa upcat? my name is Lester Sandaan..THANK YOU po!

    Posted by lester sandaan | December 10, 6:50 pm, 6:50 pm
  14. hi po, andy d martinez po to.
    tanong ko lang kung nakapasa ako sa UPCAT?
    AT UNA CLASMATE KO si Vincent R. Obedo

    Posted by andy d martinez | December 15, 2:52 pm, 2:52 pm
  15. hello po..just wanna know kung nakapasa po ako sa UPCAT “Danica Diestro” po..pls. response soon…thanks!!!

    Posted by Danica | December 19, 9:46 am, 9:46 am
  16. hello..

    i would just like to ask if there is already a result for the 2007 upcat admission test..

    Full name: John Knight S. Mahinay

    kindly check if this name is included in the upcat passers… tnx.. hope u reply soon

    Posted by john knight | December 19, 5:10 pm, 5:10 pm
  17. hey..

    did i pass the upcat 2007??
    and the page where we can find the list cant be displyed..


    Posted by triumph jacob peter t. aquino | December 21, 5:48 pm, 5:48 pm
  18. ahm wanna know kung nkpasa lang poh ako…
    and dun sa site nyo poh walang mabuksan eh…ahm page cannot be found…
    san poh ba nmin maki2ta ung mga results????
    thank u poh…merry xmas en happy new year

    Posted by Maria Celiza Maglaque | December 24, 5:42 pm, 5:42 pm
  19. wala pa po bah yong results para sa upcat 2008..???

    Posted by johnry dayupay | December 24, 9:18 pm, 9:18 pm
  20. Hi!

    Just wanna know kung nakapasa po ako sa UPCAT that I took last August 2007…

    My full name is Marjorie Lapostre Rabino…


    Posted by Marjorie L. Rabino | December 30, 10:16 am, 10:16 am
  21. out na pala ang results ng UPCAT for the s.y. 2007-2008?…
    kala koh feb. pa ah….
    ano poh bah tlgah?…

    Posted by Kae | December 31, 10:34 am, 10:34 am
  22. pLease submit the result of the upcat result…thank you…

    Posted by Alpha Camille dR. VArgas | December 31, 2:14 pm, 2:14 pm
  23. anggulo ngay…

    un bng cnsbi nlang UPCAT RESULT 07 ay ung tinake nuong last aug. 14(?) 2007?…kc kung nung aug. 2007 ngtake ng upcat, sa a.y. 08-09 xa.. pero ung result nman that i have mentioned earlier e pra s a.y. 07-08 nman!!!naku, nghntay p man din ako ng pgkatgal tgal… anu po b tlga?!! please help me on this matter.. thank you po.

    Posted by iodized | January 2, 11:10 am, 11:10 am
  24. ano po ba tlaga…pra po ba sa 08-09 ung results??..hmm?

    Posted by Mark Joseph Agustin | January 2, 3:54 pm, 3:54 pm
  25. hi. just want to ask f nkapsa ba aq/ LORRAINE CARLA LAPLAP po.thanx

    Posted by lorraine carla | January 6, 11:00 am, 11:00 am
  26. hi 🙂 I took uP the UPCAt entrance examination last august 14 I think.. wanna know the resuLts na.. please uPdate us! 😀 thank yOu!

    Posted by assenav | January 6, 12:51 pm, 12:51 pm
  27. Luigi C Crespo.,.,Nkapasa po b aq???

    Posted by Luigi C Crespo | January 6, 1:03 pm, 1:03 pm
  28. Yung website hindi pa gumagana i think kasi sa late january or february yung mga results. Yun ding results na nakalagay dun sa taas ay for SCHOOL YEAR 2007-2008….. Ang aga naman pag january nirelease na, wala pa ngang test eh! HAhaha

    Posted by mgfan1001 | January 6, 3:31 pm, 3:31 pm
  29. wala p rin poh bang results…gosh tagal naman…para mlaman kc kung nkpasa o ndi…geh poh add niu nlang poh aqoh sa friendster…


    ingatz poh,,,

    Posted by marjory lee diza | January 7, 9:22 pm, 9:22 pm
  30. hEy.,

    i jUst wAnNa knOw whEre i cAn find the UPCAT
    rEsULts..it cAnt aCcEss the officiAL wEbsite
    kz e!..the site cAnt open..

    Posted by angela chua | January 7, 9:44 pm, 9:44 pm
  31. i wish i could pass the upcat it is the only way i could achieve my dream
    pls…let me pass

    Posted by evan lloyd madjilon | January 8, 1:40 pm, 1:40 pm
  32. nakapasa b aq?evan lloyd madjilon

    Posted by evan lloyd madjilon | January 8, 1:42 pm, 1:42 pm
  33. may i know if i passed the upcat??

    Posted by edwad arlu dinoy | January 8, 5:52 pm, 5:52 pm
  34. thanks in advance!

    Posted by edwad arlu dinoy | January 8, 5:53 pm, 5:53 pm
  35. upcat.up.edu.ph isnt working……..

    Posted by edwad arlu dinoy | January 8, 5:59 pm, 5:59 pm
  36. Nkapasa po b ako??? di po kc ngana ung website ng up ….?????

    Posted by hana margarita c. cusi | January 9, 11:00 pm, 11:00 pm
  37. hi poh, hndi ko poh mkta ang results ng upcat.meron na poh bng results?plz gs2 k pong mkta

    Posted by maryjoy gonzales | January 10, 11:12 am, 11:12 am
  38. kailan po
    b ilalabas ung result ng upcat 2007-2008

    Posted by alvin josue reyes | January 11, 8:43 pm, 8:43 pm
  39. Yung sinabi pong 2007 results?E diba yun yung para sa s.y 2007-2008..?Nothing..That’s what I know..I noticed people keep on asking..:p

    Posted by Hmm..? | January 11, 10:56 pm, 10:56 pm
  40. bakit hindi po namin ma access yung upcat results online?

    Posted by atheneum students | January 12, 8:35 am, 8:35 am
  41. may result n daw po ng upcat, nka post n dw po sa UP campos.

    Posted by 7988 | January 12, 1:33 pm, 1:33 pm
  42. sira dw server ng up, kaya di ma access yung upcat result on line.

    Posted by 7988 | January 12, 1:36 pm, 1:36 pm
  43. hi.. pls inform me naman sa result. thanks!

    Posted by mj yu | January 12, 3:01 pm, 3:01 pm
  44. Hello po.’ I juzt want to ask po if ill pass the upcat exam.??? Becauze how many times ill try to entering any site to inform if ill pass or not,but its so difficult. I cannt find. Can you plz. help me now immediately.plz……….

    Posted by Catherine A. Jacob | January 12, 6:31 pm, 6:31 pm
  45. hi,,just wanna know if i nkapasa aq sa upcat..plz inform me …. tnx

    Posted by cav | January 12, 6:51 pm, 6:51 pm
  46. i think naka-post na sa UP yung results… but not in the site, yet… many of my schoolmates are going there nga eh… ^_^

    Posted by ....jHeart.... | January 12, 7:05 pm, 7:05 pm
  47. knkabahan po ako sa upcat results. para nde na po ako kabahan. naka post na po ba ung results? gusto ko na po kasi malaman.
    salamat po.

    Posted by Viel Concepcion F. Aquino | January 12, 8:46 pm, 8:46 pm
  48. ask q lng poh kung nkpsa aq s upcat.. tnx poh..

    Posted by ritzel caitlin tan | January 12, 9:54 pm, 9:54 pm
  49. i’ll just want to know if i passed the UPcat exam.


    Posted by Marjorie Mae Vergara | January 12, 10:07 pm, 10:07 pm
  50. ask ko lang po, nakapasa na po ako sa up then may nakalagay na manila – degree programs available with slots, what if po kung yung first choice mo ay computer science, is their a possibility na pwede pa sa nursing? thanks.

    Posted by ned | January 13, 12:03 am, 12:03 am
  51. degree programs with available slots rather.

    Posted by ned | January 13, 12:04 am, 12:04 am
  52. hhmm.. please check my name on the list… thnx…

    Posted by Delos Santos, Ma. Erika Grace | January 13, 12:33 am, 12:33 am
  53. is there a problem with the website??? lumalabas kc mac os X bsta un cra ata ung website…

    Posted by quinn | January 13, 7:06 am, 7:06 am
  54. i can’t view the website…:((

    Posted by ardee01204 | January 13, 10:03 am, 10:03 am
  55. sa tingin ko….
    labas na nga ang rersult but not yet on the web…
    di ba sabi nila sa admissions office daw yata makikita???Alphabetical order daw…
    sa tingin ko lang po ‘yon…

    Posted by korny | January 13, 10:17 am, 10:17 am
  56. ndi ko rin poh kkita ung results eh. bka ho ung sinasabi sa site ung last yir pah. hahaha! Opinion lang poh

    Posted by Rian | January 13, 11:57 am, 11:57 am
  57. quinn yun din yung nakita ko ung mac-os X bla bla bla something. Ang alam ko nasa computer connection yun.

    Posted by Rian | January 13, 11:59 am, 11:59 am
  58. Hi, it’s so difficult accessing the website of the upcat results… may i know if my niece, ISABELLE ANN D. REMANDO pass the upcat? thanks a lot!

    Posted by beth darca | January 13, 1:11 pm, 1:11 pm
  59. bakit ndi ko makita kung san ung mga nkapasa s upcat

    Posted by nikki sombillo | January 13, 1:27 pm, 1:27 pm
  60. Ako po si sheila Millette R. Navarro. Gusto ko lang pong malaman kung nakapasa po ako…

    Posted by Sheila | January 13, 1:31 pm, 1:31 pm
  61. Gud pm. Ah, para sa mga Nag-aabang ng upcat result, di ninyo maaaccess yung results sa net. It is better kung, if you will go straightly sa UP. Sa Attention:
    Office of the Admissions. Ok? Tinatype pa lang ng kasi kung results. Sorry about it. for the passers, (Onyl on the People who posted their names here…)

    Mark Joseph Agustin
    Luigi C Crespo
    evan lloyd madjilon
    edwad arlu dinoy
    hana margarita c. cusi
    Catherine A. Jacob
    Marjorie Mae Vergara
    Isabelle Ann Remado
    Sheila Milette R. Navarro

    Wating List:
    Viel Concepcion F. Aquino
    nikki sombillo
    Erika Grace delos Santos

    …Ayan, ok na? Check ninyo na yung iba ninyong Name dito sa Amin. ok? Thanks,

    Posted by Espi Cruz | January 13, 1:40 pm, 1:40 pm
  62. We can’t access the website to check if my cousin Diana Marie Panis Tatad did pass the upcat test conducted last AUGUST 2007

    Posted by vivian g. cruz | January 13, 1:40 pm, 1:40 pm
  63. just wanna know if i past the upcat test last august 2007?

    Posted by baby jane casabuena | January 13, 4:08 pm, 4:08 pm
  64. Diana Marie Panis Tatad – She Passed

    Posted by Espi Cruz | January 13, 4:14 pm, 4:14 pm
  65. saan po ba na site makikita ang result ng upcat 07?

    Posted by king | January 13, 6:05 pm, 6:05 pm
  66. ji po. pwede po bang malaman kung nakapasa po ako sa upcat kast august 2007. Kasi po di ko po malalaman trough registered mail, we just moved in another house. Name ko po is Patricia Mae L. Ferrer. tnx po


    Posted by Patricia Mae L. Ferrer | January 13, 6:27 pm, 6:27 pm
  67. excuse poh..pwedi pong malaman kung nkapasa poh ba ako ako po si Rolando S. Dumalanta II…sana mag response po kau..tnx

    Posted by Rolando | January 13, 7:45 pm, 7:45 pm
  68. UPCAT results I need it!

    Posted by Verona Margarette Cabigao | January 13, 9:11 pm, 9:11 pm
  69. Nakapasa po ba ko?

    Posted by Verona Margarette Cabigao | January 13, 9:12 pm, 9:12 pm
  70. hi, nkpasa puh b aQ? pls. teL pra iF hnDi mkpgtrY n Q sa iBng skUL thx yaH uu

    Posted by princess b. castro | January 13, 10:25 pm, 10:25 pm
  71. Nakapasa po ba ung pamangkin ko na si

    Jesryph Flor A. Villegas

    Please let us know… thanks!

    Posted by rose ramos | January 14, 12:29 pm, 12:29 pm
  72. hello po………y is it that the website is not working???could i just ask if i passed the upcat for sy 2008-2009…my parents are really waiting for the results…

    full name:Bernadette D. Canzana

    sana po pakiemail naman


    Posted by bernadette | January 14, 5:57 pm, 5:57 pm
  73. Hi…

    just wanna ask kung pumasa si

    Malit, Fritzgerdan S.

    kung oo…

    what campus and what course…


    Posted by Fritz | January 14, 6:08 pm, 6:08 pm
  74. hello po..

    Magandang Araw,

    gusto ko lng po mlaman kung nkpasa po ako sa UPCAT..
    >Mutya Flores De Luna

    salamat po,

    reply po ng result ha..

    tnk u soo00 much!^^

    Posted by mutya | January 14, 8:26 pm, 8:26 pm
  75. Bakit po ung iba,
    alam na ng result?

    sang web nila nkita?

    cra pu kc ata ung web ng UP..


    Posted by mutya | January 14, 8:28 pm, 8:28 pm
  76. kua ESPI CRUZ!

    nkapasa po ba ako?

    Posted by mutya | January 14, 8:30 pm, 8:30 pm
  77. hi!!! po may i know if sharmae Ira T. Caliva pass the UPCAT taken last August 2007 thanks po

    Posted by sharmae ira t. caliva | January 15, 12:43 am, 12:43 am
  78. jan.15,2008


    magtatanong lang po ako kung nakapasa po ako sa upcat exam.nagexam po ako nung june2007.savi po ng clasm8 ko po may result na daw po hindi ko po alam kung nakapasa po ako o hindi.sana naman po ay asan ko po ung mag mumulang sagot po sa inyo.sana po ay makapasa po ako.kasi po ung kaklase ko po nakapasa na po sia.ei hindi ko po lam kung nakapasa po ako.
    maraming salamat po,
    rachell ann moscaya

    Posted by rachell ann o moscaya | January 15, 1:46 pm, 1:46 pm
  79. my upcat result n po for A.Y. 2008-2009

    Posted by john | January 15, 10:55 pm, 10:55 pm
  80. sie/madame

    magtatanong lang po ako kung nakapasda po ba yung pinsan kong si SHERRIE LYNN B. CABALES sa upcat.. ang yung classmate ko na si MARY JANE GALICIA ang CHRISTIAN JERICK H. NIEGAS.. thank you po.. sana po matanggap ko po agad ang inyong sagot.. salamat po

    Posted by genevieve licen | January 17, 3:14 pm, 3:14 pm
  81. ask ko lng kung nkps ang sisiter ko n c SHEENA JASMINNE BADATO MADERAZO? s upcat 2007, tenk u po, sn mtnggp ko agd ang sgot nyo.

    Posted by shiela maderazo | January 21, 11:24 am, 11:24 am
  82. sheena jasminne maderazon, sherrie lynn b cables, mary jane galicicia…passed d upcat… waiting list si christian jerick h niegas..

    Posted by Espi Cruz | January 21, 2:00 pm, 2:00 pm
  83. Mutya Flores de Luna, waitlisted ka,

    Posted by Espi Cruz | January 21, 2:03 pm, 2:03 pm
  84. fritz malit, pending case ka, pls settle your account…

    Posted by Espi Cruz | January 21, 2:04 pm, 2:04 pm
  85. patricia mae ferrer..sorry, u didnt pass upcat..

    Posted by Espi Cruz | January 21, 2:05 pm, 2:05 pm
  86. b-john ignacio passed..UP Diliman

    megan arsitoy is in the waiting list..settle your account

    shizuka maezono passed

    lester sandaan didnt passed,

    andy martinez passed,

    also, vincent obedo, but he’s in the waitinglist, settle youraccount first

    danica diestro passed,

    john knight mahinay, is in the waiting list,

    lorraine carla laplap passsed,

    luigi crespo is in the pending case

    evan madjilon didint passed, ive seen your paper, gosh, your score didint make it, how stupid you are.. sorry..

    edward arlu dinot passed, up diliman

    catherine jacob,,,you passed, your also an intarmed scholar,congrats,,

    just mail me on my yahoo account


    Posted by Espi Cruz | January 21, 2:23 pm, 2:23 pm
  87. b-john ignacio passed..UP Diliman

    megan arsitoy is in the waiting list..settle your account

    shizuka maezono passed

    lester sandaan didnt passed,

    andy martinez passed,

    also, vincent obedo, but he’s in the waitinglist, settle youraccount first

    danica diestro passed,

    john knight mahinay, is in the waiting list,

    lorraine carla laplap passsed,

    luigi crespo is in the pending case

    evan madjilon didint passed, ive seen your paper, gosh, your score didint make it, how stupid you are.. sorry..

    edward arlu dinot passed, up diliman

    catherine jacob,,,you passed, your also an intarmed scholar,congrats,,

    just mail me on my yahoo account

    expt_busbubalus@yahoo.com, this is Espi Cruz, UP Admin Officer..

    Posted by Espi Cruz | January 21, 2:24 pm, 2:24 pm
  88. may pinagkaiba po ba yung pending case tsaka waitedlist?

    Posted by zainne | January 21, 8:16 pm, 8:16 pm
  89. nkps po bko s upcat exam august 2007? my name is SHEENA JASMINNE BADATO MADERAZO! tenk u po…=)

    Posted by sheena maderazo | January 23, 1:02 pm, 1:02 pm
  90. nkps po b c sheena jasminne badato maderazo, s upcat exam 2007? tenks.

    Posted by mae maderazo | January 23, 1:25 pm, 1:25 pm

    Posted by mae maderazo | January 23, 4:36 pm, 4:36 pm
  92. nakapasa po ba si rigor montemayor?
    sa upcat exam 2007?


    Posted by rigor montemayor | January 27, 9:15 am, 9:15 am
  93. bt gnun, ung tiningnan ng kptid ko s up admission wl nmn dun ang name nya! SHEENA JASMINNE BADATO MADERAZO, pro sbi mo nkps sya, ano b tlg?…ung online 2008 upcat, yn b ung result ng 2007 upcat? ang gulo kc eh!…plz pki sgot nmn ng 220 at maayos, salamat.

    Posted by she | January 27, 11:40 am, 11:40 am
  94. Ang tanga mo “she” bobo ka

    Posted by He s | January 27, 11:51 am, 11:51 am
  95. pwede ko bang mlmn ung result ko sa upcat
    kung nkapsa poh ako?????


    Posted by benson tanedo | February 2, 6:48 pm, 6:48 pm
  96. helow po………bakit po hindi ako nkatanggap ng reply slip ?…isa po ako sa hindi nakapasa- SHARYN KEITH SUMALINOG ‘yong mga kasama kong hindi nakapasa ay nakatanggap sila…….gusto ko lang pong malaman ang nakuha kung score…thankz..

    Posted by sharyn keith sumalinog | February 16, 8:23 pm, 8:23 pm
  97. It’s so frustrating…the confirmation letter that says that I passed the 2007 UPCAT exam arrived 2 days before the said enrollment, It’s so late na…There are so many requirements pa naman….sayang talaga…anyways I can take up my master’s degree jan noh?….God Bless to all incoming first years..

    Posted by Christene ann edan | April 16, 11:30 am, 11:30 am
  98. ahm… I was just wondering about my pending case. ngtake ako ng upcat last year, sa letter na dumating, I need to submit a certificate of confirmation of belonging to a minority group before UP can release my result.
    I submitted it before the deadline pero wala pong response.

    Posted by john mark dumia | April 28, 6:25 pm, 6:25 pm
  99. hi! po im’mark m cruz of los banos laguna.aks’me lang kug nakapasa po me sa exam.kasi po ninenerbios ako,nag exam po me 2008.salamat po san po bang web site makikita yong result ng exam!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Mark M.Cruz. | January 9, 2:24 pm, 2:24 pm
  100. hi!! PoH…..
    PenDing CaSe Po ME, Ano Po BA IbIG SabIHin nUn???
    SaBi It MigHt bE BecAuSe MaY KulAng AKo SA reQuiRemENts…
    PleAse HelP ME PO…

    Posted by Mark David | January 17, 9:07 pm, 9:07 pm
  101. gudpm po..final na po ba ung 2009 na upcat results or there are more coming??thanks po!

    Posted by shenly gazo | January 19, 7:11 pm, 7:11 pm
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