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Random Reflections…

Never take life seriously, you’ll never get out alive.

Play it as it lays. The truth is, you don’t always have to be the best but, always, you should give your best and live your best. For yourself more than for anybody else. Because life is, when you were born, a gift to you from God and, what you now make of it, a gift to you from yourself. And it is also the best gift we can give to God, our family and the whole damn world.

And you should always learn to slow down. If and when we walk too fast, we don’t notice the little child and we just forget. Before, I felt like everyone is running and I’m being left behind. The truth is, I was running with them. I felt alone and empty because I failed to slow down. I failed to notice that little child. And most of all, I went past life without living it, without tasting, feeling, hearing or seeing it. The truth is, when we really slow down, we see that little child, we learn how sweet life it and he never get tired of it because only in slowing down that we really learn the meaning of patience, of courage and of the beauty of life. It is only when one is not running that we face our fears, our failures and our short-comings. It is only in slowing down that we find the meaning of life and we see that little child. That child is the part of us that is missing, the child that wants to play, learn and ask seemingly stupid questions. It is that child who recognizes beauty and charmed by it, who is humbled by age and failure, who see things not in my-side-and-the-wrong-side perspective but as right-and-wrong. It is that child who listens to life, sees it, feels it, tastes it and smells it. It is that child who is missing in our busy existence, the child we just pass by without noticing everyday.

This past weeks taught me how to enjoy and how to learn — and really learn. And most of all, it taught me to focus on the present but to keep my eyes on my goals at the same time. I may not be one of the brightest students both of my University and of life but this I know: if we work hard enough and long enough and if we believe strong enough, the most impossible dreams can come true. And there’s no such thing as impossible, only hard. Hard but still possible.

Slow down a little, you’ll see things that you never realized was there before. But, by all means, do something. You’ll bore yourself to death if you don’t. 😉


About princess of antiquity

Abbi Cabanding is a member of the Security Bloggers Network and had been blogging on information security since 2006. She is also a member of the Association for Computing Machinery. She studied Computer Science and Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines - Diliman.


3 thoughts on “Random Reflections…

  1. I agree with everything except this one
    ” I may not be one of the brightest student…”
    now that is definitely not true, Ms. Princeton 🙂 hahaha

    anyway just to add, in the event that you find yourself unable to slow down, just ask yourself why you are running. you might surprisingly find out that you don’t know or it wasn’t your choice to begin with.
    but whether you run or walk the journey of life, continuously ask yourself why, as long as you don’t forget the reason then you more or less shouldn’t get lost along the way.

    Posted by royalflare | April 25, 2:27 am, 2:27 am
  2. I agree with everything except this one
    ” I may not be one of the brightest student…”
    now that is definitely not true, Ms. Princeton 🙂 hahaha

    Haay… That doesn’t prove anything. Maybe, it was luck. Or, maybe, they made a mistake. (ever the skeptic) Hehehe.

    Congrats! Blow out naman dyan. 😛

    Posted by princess of antiquity | April 26, 11:34 am, 11:34 am
  3. mahirap magblowout
    wala pa akong mapagkikitaan sa ngayon
    tulungan nalang tayo
    ACM bahala sa mga papeles para makakuha pwesto sa UP
    ako na bahala sa ititinda
    magbibilang nalang kayo ng pera sa comission sales

    Posted by royalflare | May 6, 3:48 am, 3:48 am

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