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Exotique 3

This one is from CGSociety Newsletter: EXOTIQUE 3 Entry Deadline: Noon, Monday July 9th 2007 GMT Call for Entries – Ballistic Publishing invites you to submit your work to EXOTIQUE 3: THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL CG CHARACTERS. The third book in the series will showcase the best digital character creations produced for film, television, games … Continue reading


“OB2” /*My First 3D Graphics Animation*/

My first 3D animation for CS176 Computer Graphics. Q&A Q:What did you use for animation? A:The entire animation was done using Blender. I also used Windows Movie Maker for post-production (i.e. title, credits). Q:Why is the title “OB2”? A:My original plan was to model the Oblation. The story board was that I will make it … Continue reading

random(stuff); – part 2

Click-free Interface I stumbled upon this website. The site presented a very interesting interface: No Clicking. What is more interesting is that almost twice of the respondent liked the click-free interface without missing the click. The website also presented several alternatives to clicking. Is it time to revolutionized the user interface? Can you survive without … Continue reading

Wacom’s Intuos3

Wacom’s Intuos3 is to die for. I like their latest addition, Intuos3 4×6. It’s small, handy and works great with wide screen display and multiple monitors. With an Intuos3 Grip Pen that gives it the power of preassure-sensitive control, what more can one ask for? This is a real must have. Christmas might be over … Continue reading

Teddy and his Mac

My first graphics project. 🙂 This scene is done using Ayam. In this scene is a teddy bear model that uses paintedplastic as a shader and a tiger’s fur as a texture. Also in the scene is a macbook shaded with brushed metal and a porcelain texture for the apple logo to reflect light and … Continue reading

2006 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

  On 22 September 2006, Science Magazine and the National Science Foundation honor the creators of dazzling scientific images and animated presentations, in the fourth annual Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. This year’s winners — in categories including photography, illustration, informational graphics, and multimedia — captured inner details of a child mummy, mathematical surfaces rendered … Continue reading

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