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Swiss Scientists Prove Durability of Quantum Network, So what?

So, probably you’ve already heard–most probably not. The Institute of Physics and the New Journal of Physics recently released a paper on the long term performance of the SwissQuantumat CERN on field environment. And since I have taken the ambitious task of making all this technical stuff understandable to the average reader, I decided to try and write in … Continue reading

One-Time Pa(d)sswords

Remember that time when I talked about how you should never recycle passwords?  Yeah, I know, I don’t stop telling you that. And most of you don’t stop recycling passwords either! And no, recycling passwords is not helpful to the fight against climate change. Who told you that? It is, however, very harmful to your privacy! And I … Continue reading

Stanford education at your fingertips!

Ok. So, hopefully like me, you’ve decided to ignore my long absence and pretend I was never away from blogging. Have you heard yet? Stanford University Online Education is offering several courses online on Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. These courses will be taught by renowned Stanford professors.  And the best bit is that they’re free! You … Continue reading


Status: Working on Machine Problems & Graphics Projects and studying for exams UP ACM General Assembly Today The Association for Computing Machinery University of the Philippines Student Chapter will be having its 5th General Assembly for A.Y. ’60-’07 at MH 313-315 (Melchor Hall, College of Engineering) today at 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Agenda: 1. UP … Continue reading

Constant Vigilance!

I’ve been using Azrael (my PC) without an anti-virus for more than a month now. For the best part of one month, I’ve been running Windows XP SP2 plugged to the internet (I was, of course, running Opera and Firefox. Not IE7.) without any anti-virus or anti-spyware and no patching whatsoever, just a properly configured … Continue reading

Wacom’s Intuos3

Wacom’s Intuos3 is to die for. I like their latest addition, Intuos3 4×6. It’s small, handy and works great with wide screen display and multiple monitors. With an Intuos3 Grip Pen that gives it the power of preassure-sensitive control, what more can one ask for? This is a real must have. Christmas might be over … Continue reading

JavaScript Malware(!?)

Last December 7th, Tom Liston, a Senior Security Consultant at Intelguardians, submitted a post to the Diary of the Internet Storm Center. While I agree that the code was not very smart but what is particularly amusing (or annoying) about this post is that he refered to JavaScript as a “toy language” and JavaScript programmers … Continue reading

Teddy and his Mac

My first graphics project. 🙂 This scene is done using Ayam. In this scene is a teddy bear model that uses paintedplastic as a shader and a tiger’s fur as a texture. Also in the scene is a macbook shaded with brushed metal and a porcelain texture for the apple logo to reflect light and … Continue reading

2006 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

  On 22 September 2006, Science Magazine and the National Science Foundation honor the creators of dazzling scientific images and animated presentations, in the fourth annual Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. This year’s winners — in categories including photography, illustration, informational graphics, and multimedia — captured inner details of a child mummy, mathematical surfaces rendered … Continue reading

Google, MSN, Live and Lycos Video Search Showdown

Microsoft answered the Google-YouTube Deal by striking a deal with Blinkx. While it is not a complete takeover, unlike that of the Google-YouTube Deal, Blinkx will license its software technology to Microsoft. Blinkx will also power some part of MSN and Live.com (which is interestingly like Google, by the way — layout and everything minus … Continue reading

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