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Status: Working on Machine Problems & Graphics Projects and studying for exams UP ACM General Assembly Today The Association for Computing Machinery University of the Philippines Student Chapter will be having its 5th General Assembly for A.Y. ’60-’07 at MH 313-315 (Melchor Hall, College of Engineering) today at 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Agenda: 1. UP … Continue reading


Save My Soul

#SaveMe.RIB #Busy week. Busy weeks ahead. Display “life” “lifebuffer” “busy” Projection “can’t” “concentrate” 0 Format life acads orgs WorldBegin Scale “exam” “infinity” Translate “Deadlines” “approaching” LightSource “vacation” 1.0 “intensity” 1.0 LightSource “weekend” 1.0 “intensity” 0.1 Surface “sick” “tired” 1.0 “roughness” 1.0 Scale “MachineProblem” 2 Scale “GraphicsExercise” 2 Translate “ProblemSet” “hard”. Sphere “Meeting” “non-stop” “leads nowhere” … Continue reading

Taking Risks

Have you ever wondered, “What if <insert something here>?” Probably, yes. I remember someone telling me once that life is like shopping in a distant country. That sometimes, it is probably worth it to buy something that you really want. Because if you don’t, when you get back to your country, you, or other people, … Continue reading

Sickness All Over Again

I always get sick when I can’t afford to. I have a lot of deadlines to meet, MPs and Graphics Exercise to do, a lot of meetings to attend and a pile of exams to study for. And, now, here I am barely able to make it to class. I’ve been sick for the best … Continue reading

A New Year, A New Start

It seems almost like a little time-honored tradition now since I had been doing this almost every year. After the dust have settled, the noise dies down and almost everyone is in bed, I sit in my room with my journal open and try to reflect on the year that was gone. So, here is … Continue reading

Sickness is in the Air

Azrael, my PC, got sick. He’s OK now. No, it wasn’t a virus or anything. It was actually my fault. 😀 I was playing around with Assembly and somehow, don’t ask me how, I think I have overwritten a driver. Then, Azrael crashed. I had to reformat my PC. Luckily, I backed up before that … Continue reading

A Glance at a Young Dreamer

I was going through my files early this evening and this is what I found. This is something I wrote before I started college. 😀

Do I Honestly Want These Answered?

I have never asked myself these questions but after. . . I just have to ask these. What if you know the truth? What if you know that they’re trying to cover things up? What if it cost someome his life? What if the truth can ruin another’s life? What if he deserves it?

Protected: Happy Birthday, Ghil!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

An open letter

I’m so tired. My last exam just ended and I’m returning to my province for the semestral break. Nights of almost without sleep is beginning to kick in. But the worst thing of all is that I still feel that whatever I do is never good enough. Something doesn’t seem right. Am I actually reconsidering … Continue reading

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