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I’M REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE OFFICE OF STUDENT HOUSING! First, The list of disapprove applicants are now posted at the 2nd Floor of the Vinsons Hall. And was surprised to find my name there. My violation, you might ask? 1) Went to the rooftop (There is clearly no rule (written or spoken) stating that no … Continue reading

Grading System for Dorm Residents(?)

/*Please forgive me for ranting here.*/ /*Please forgive the comments*/ Shirumi said: “Kaya nga kami nandito sa ilang kasi sabi ng R.A. namin nun sa Kalai mas makakapag-concentrate ka daw dito sa pag-aaral mo. Kaya kami nag-Ilang kasi gusto naming mag-concentrate sa acads namin. (Translation: We are here because when we were at Kalai (Kalayaan … Continue reading

Save My Soul

#SaveMe.RIB #Busy week. Busy weeks ahead. Display “life” “lifebuffer” “busy” Projection “can’t” “concentrate” 0 Format life acads orgs WorldBegin Scale “exam” “infinity” Translate “Deadlines” “approaching” LightSource “vacation” 1.0 “intensity” 1.0 LightSource “weekend” 1.0 “intensity” 0.1 Surface “sick” “tired” 1.0 “roughness” 1.0 Scale “MachineProblem” 2 Scale “GraphicsExercise” 2 Translate “ProblemSet” “hard”. Sphere “Meeting” “non-stop” “leads nowhere” … Continue reading

Sickness All Over Again

I always get sick when I can’t afford to. I have a lot of deadlines to meet, MPs and Graphics Exercise to do, a lot of meetings to attend and a pile of exams to study for. And, now, here I am barely able to make it to class. I’ve been sick for the best … Continue reading

JavaScript Malware(!?)

Last December 7th, Tom Liston, a Senior Security Consultant at Intelguardians, submitted a post to the Diary of the Internet Storm Center. While I agree that the code was not very smart but what is particularly amusing (or annoying) about this post is that he refered to JavaScript as a “toy language” and JavaScript programmers … Continue reading

Sickness is in the Air

Azrael, my PC, got sick. He’s OK now. No, it wasn’t a virus or anything. It was actually my fault. 😀 I was playing around with Assembly and somehow, don’t ask me how, I think I have overwritten a driver. Then, Azrael crashed. I had to reformat my PC. Luckily, I backed up before that … Continue reading

I Will Survive (I hope…)

I saw my life falling apart right in front of my eyes You’ve got to be killing me. I had three exams today. No, not just any other exams but exams that can make or break my future. Well, that was quite an over-statement. But, think about it: Math Long Exam + CS 21 Long … Continue reading

Without Access

Three nights and three days without access to the internet. This is killing me. Aparently, there is a problem with our Ethernet connection so I have to go to an internet cafe just to be able to access the web. *Sigh* I hope they fix it really soon… How about now?

The Trojan XPrience

You know what, there is a reason why you are not advised to visit sites that you do not trust when you’re running windows. Yesterday, my trial version of Norton Antivirus 2007 expired. I never really buy an anti-virus because beta-tests are better since they are always updated. The thing is, you cannot really re-install … Continue reading

My Name

Here is the reason why I wished my parents had given me another name… You’ve got to love my name. Why? Because it’s ALWAYS mispelled. Aww, sucks, right? Ever since my elementary days my name always ends up spelled the wrong way. I used to throw away invitations because they never got my name right. … Continue reading

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