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Stratfor Hacked: 860,000 Subscribers’ Data Compromised

If you’re in the security community (or even if you’re not), I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If not, well I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year vacations under that big rock in some unknown cave. So, remember the 2011 back-to-back incident at SONY? Well, that was stupidity. You’d think other companies and … Continue reading

One-Time Pa(d)sswords

Remember that time when I talked about how you should never recycle passwords?  Yeah, I know, I don’t stop telling you that. And most of you don’t stop recycling passwords either! And no, recycling passwords is not helpful to the fight against climate change. Who told you that? It is, however, very harmful to your privacy! And I … Continue reading

Sony Breached — AGAIN! What you should do to protect your privacy.

If there are people who should learn from history, they’re the one at Sony. People have barely forgotten the recent PS breach that occurred barely a month ago and here we go again. (Is this going to be a monthly thing?) If the reports reaching me are true, a group that calls themselves “Lulz Security” … Continue reading

Ten Commandments for Keeping Your Online Identity Secured

Let’s face it: the days of René Descartes’ “I think there for I am” is over. We have entered the era of You can Google me therefore I exist. And for most normal human beings, their Google results will more often than not yield their profiles from various social networks. And in a day and … Continue reading

Symmetric Key Cryptography (Non-Technical)

[Notes: I’m back for the time being. How long? We don’t really know but let’s make the most out of it. So, first on the agenda is the series of non-technical cryptography articles I started almost a year ago. I know this is months past due but then this and that came up then I … Continue reading

Princeton Cold Boot Memory Attack

Ok, I know, I know. I owe you guys a proper update after being “absent” from blogging for quite some time. So, here is my take on the recently released Princeton Memory Vulnerability that seems to be gathering so much attention with the press and creating a sort of panic in the encryption community. — … Continue reading

Is Quantum Cryptography the “unbreakable encryption” cryptographers have been searching all along?

Cryptography had been around even before computing emerged as a field. The necessity to protect information had been around as early as Caesar’s time. Now every mono alphabetic substitution cipher is referred to as a Caesar’s cipher. The war between cryptanalysts and cryptographers had been long and frustrating. During the second world war, cryptanalysts raced … Continue reading

Thoughts on Quantum Cryptography

From Quantum Cryptography: The idea of QC was first proposed only in the 1970’s by Wiesner (1983) and by Charles H. Bennett from IBMand Gilles Brassard fromMontr´eal University (1984, 1985). However, this idea is so simple that actually every first year student since the infancy of quantum mechanics could have discovered it! Nevertheless, it is … Continue reading

Somebody kill me now… I think dad killed Azrael…

Yesterday, I remember saying yesterday that I will be having time this next few days. But, no, I just remembered that I still have a machine problem on CS 140 and CS 180  and a prototype to complete for CS 173 (project management under HP). *Sigh* Not to mention that I can’t attend the Y4IT … Continue reading

Phishing tool constructs new sites in two seconds

From ComputerWorld: July 10, 2007 (IDG News Service) — Software developers like to make installation of their programs simple and quick. So do hackers. Analysts at RSA Security Inc. early last month spotted a single piece of PHP code that installs a phishing site on a compromised server in about two seconds, the vendor noted … Continue reading

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