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Diliman Fiasco

This might have been pretty late but I just want to share my experience regarding the new CRS (UIS) system. (Other people also wrote about this here, here and here.) Well, I was able to get one subject from the pre-enlistment. When I got my form 5a, I immediately proceeded to enrollment, got my overload … Continue reading

On UIS (CRS) Security

Last Wednesday, the new eCRS team released the University Information System (a new version(?) of what used to be the Computerized Registration System). It reminded me a lot of my security predictions for 2007. (Heck! They just made some my predictions come true.) This is a good example of a release that is not even … Continue reading

random(stuff); – part 2

Click-free Interface I stumbled upon this website. The site presented a very interesting interface: No Clicking. What is more interesting is that almost twice of the respondent liked the click-free interface without missing the click. The website also presented several alternatives to clicking. Is it time to revolutionized the user interface? Can you survive without … Continue reading

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