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I Wrote This For You

I first found (well I say “found”; more like “directed to”, I guess) the pages of I Wrote This For You Blog two years ago. I was young, broken-hearted and depressed. And if you’ve ever seen me this way, to say that I’m not a bubbling ball of fun is the biggest understatement of the … Continue reading

Swiss Scientists Prove Durability of Quantum Network, So what?

So, probably you’ve already heard–most probably not. The Institute of Physics and the New Journal of Physics recently released a paper on the long term performance of the SwissQuantumat CERN on field environment. And since I have taken the ambitious task of making all this technical stuff understandable to the average reader, I decided to try and write in … Continue reading

Sony Breached — AGAIN! What you should do to protect your privacy.

If there are people who should learn from history, they’re the one at Sony. People have barely forgotten the recent PS breach that occurred barely a month ago and here we go again. (Is this going to be a monthly thing?) If the reports reaching me are true, a group that calls themselves “Lulz Security” … Continue reading

Somebody kill me now… I think dad killed Azrael…

Yesterday, I remember saying yesterday that I will be having time this next few days. But, no, I just remembered that I still have a machine problem on CS 140 and CS 180  and a prototype to complete for CS 173 (project management under HP). *Sigh* Not to mention that I can’t attend the Y4IT … Continue reading


I’M REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE OFFICE OF STUDENT HOUSING! First, The list of disapprove applicants are now posted at the 2nd Floor of the Vinsons Hall. And was surprised to find my name there. My violation, you might ask? 1) Went to the rooftop (There is clearly no rule (written or spoken) stating that no … Continue reading

Are You a Filipino? – Part 2

A voter’s responsibility did not begin nor end yesterday, May 14. So where have I been lately? True to my words, I did try to protect the votes of the Filipino people. I served with PPCRV at my parents’ precinct in Batangas. And I went (with Kalinagan’s Interim Secretary-General, John Joshua Duldulao) at the City … Continue reading

Are you a Filipino?

When asked what is democracy, we often say that it is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. The question is, who are the people? Does it include me? You? What do you think? Where is the power? Democracy is characterized by the people’s rights and responsibilities. And the real … Continue reading

Random Reflections…

Never take life seriously, you’ll never get out alive. Play it as it lays. The truth is, you don’t always have to be the best but, always, you should give your best and live your best. For yourself more than for anybody else. Because life is, when you were born, a gift to you from … Continue reading

Security Lessons from Camping Trip

I just came back from an overnight camp at Alfonso, Cavite for a completion activity for my Camping class two semesters ago. Here are some of the lessons I learned from the camp: Lesson #1: Knowing is half the battle. Never sleep 2 hours before your expected time of departure. My mistake. We were scheduled … Continue reading

Justice Prevails(?) /*updated*/

From ComputerWorld: A Connecticut substitute teacher was just found guilty of surfing for pornographic sites in front of a class of seventh graders, and faces up to 40 years in prison. Her outrageous defense, that spyware took control of her PC and she had no control over it, didn’t cut it with the jury. It’s … Continue reading

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