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Stanford education at your fingertips!

Ok. So, hopefully like me, you’ve decided to ignore my long absence and pretend I was never away from blogging. Have you heard yet? Stanford University Online Education is offering several courses online on Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. These courses will be taught by renowned Stanford professors.  And the best bit is that they’re free! You … Continue reading

UPCAT 2008 Results

For those who wish to know the UPCAT 2008 results (for those who took the UPCAT last August 2007) , the official list of passers can be found here. For those who passed, CONGRATULATIONS!!!


I’M REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE OFFICE OF STUDENT HOUSING! First, The list of disapprove applicants are now posted at the 2nd Floor of the Vinsons Hall. And was surprised to find my name there. My violation, you might ask? 1) Went to the rooftop (There is clearly no rule (written or spoken) stating that no … Continue reading

University Database Hacking

From Post Independent: A hacker broke into a computer server at the University of Colorado College of Arts and Sciences’ Academic Advising Center, exposing the names and Social Security numbers of nearly 45,000 students, officials said Tuesday. I just hope this won’t happen to us, especially with the UIS…

Diliman Fiasco

This might have been pretty late but I just want to share my experience regarding the new CRS (UIS) system. (Other people also wrote about this here, here and here.) Well, I was able to get one subject from the pre-enlistment. When I got my form 5a, I immediately proceeded to enrollment, got my overload … Continue reading


status: Attending CS150 class (MH 209). Physics exam in 3 hours. Drop dead nervous… Countdown begins. T minus 3… Electricity. Magnetism. Optics. Countdown continues…

On UIS (CRS) Security

Last Wednesday, the new eCRS team released the University Information System (a new version(?) of what used to be the Computerized Registration System). It reminded me a lot of my security predictions for 2007. (Heck! They just made some my predictions come true.) This is a good example of a release that is not even … Continue reading

random(stuff); – part 4

status: Algorithm overload…. 😦 I’m drop dead nervous… In 27 minutes, we’ll be taking our final exam for CS 176 Topics in Intelligenct Systems (Computer Graphics). This exam can make or break everything. Why? Because my professor’s policy is that to pass the course, you must pass the final exam or else you fail. Same … Continue reading

random(stuff); – part3

status: busy with school works. Semester’s almost over. Finals week: the week after next. Report on Smalltalk next week. Currently at CS150 (Programming Languages) lab studying Prolog. Finals on CS176 (Computer Graphics) next Thursday. Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall Garden Dinner on Friday. Third Long Exam on Physics next Saturday. Missing someone. Must not get sick anymore. … Continue reading

On Video Encryption

One of this year’s thesis topics is on streamming video encryption. This is very interesting indeed since it will address society’s continuous demand for better security. However, encrypting streamming videos might compromise its speed. Even with high compression, a stronger encryption might still compromise speed. But there really is a lot of potential regarding this … Continue reading

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