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New Portfolio

My design and artistic portfolio is now available at Temperance. It is still being updated as I’m still locating my other works. [I think the files are still on Azrael (my previous PC) so I’ll be updating as soon as I transfer them to Aziraphale (my laptop)] Cheers! ^_^

My Christmas Wishlist *updated*

Things I’d like to have/do this yuletide season (in no particular order): A Violin. I want to try something new next year. So, I’d like to have a violin and eventually learn to play it. I don’t like instruments with more strings/holes/keys than the fingers on my hand. Haha. (Mom, Dad… please…?) A pen with … Continue reading

Somebody kill me now… I think dad killed Azrael…

Yesterday, I remember saying yesterday that I will be having time this next few days. But, no, I just remembered that I still have a machine problem on CS 140 and CS 180  and a prototype to complete for CS 173 (project management under HP). *Sigh* Not to mention that I can’t attend the Y4IT … Continue reading

And after 57 years… Uh, I meant days…

I noticed that I haven’t updated this blog for quite a while. I think I’ll have some time to update on the coming days. Right now, we just finished cramming for the PESO Challenge 2007.


I’ve always been a blog nomad. I’ve already had three blogs before this (this is my first time to use my real name, though). It had been my little tradition to transfer to a new “home” every six months or so(check my very first entry). But unlike what I did with my previous blogs, I’ve … Continue reading

random(stuff); – part3

status: busy with school works. Semester’s almost over. Finals week: the week after next. Report on Smalltalk next week. Currently at CS150 (Programming Languages) lab studying Prolog. Finals on CS176 (Computer Graphics) next Thursday. Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall Garden Dinner on Friday. Third Long Exam on Physics next Saturday. Missing someone. Must not get sick anymore. … Continue reading

On Video Encryption

One of this year’s thesis topics is on streamming video encryption. This is very interesting indeed since it will address society’s continuous demand for better security. However, encrypting streamming videos might compromise its speed. Even with high compression, a stronger encryption might still compromise speed. But there really is a lot of potential regarding this … Continue reading


/*if you can call this an update*/ Status: sick, busy with machine problems I’m currently in the Lab for my CS150 class. We’re trying to learn Scheme Lisp. Class was suppose to end 10 minutes ago. Looks like we’re staying overtime. Azrael, my pc, is still sick. I’ll bring him to the hospital after class. … Continue reading

Grading System for Dorm Residents(?)

/*Please forgive me for ranting here.*/ /*Please forgive the comments*/ Shirumi said: “Kaya nga kami nandito sa ilang kasi sabi ng R.A. namin nun sa Kalai mas makakapag-concentrate ka daw dito sa pag-aaral mo. Kaya kami nag-Ilang kasi gusto naming mag-concentrate sa acads namin. (Translation: We are here because when we were at Kalai (Kalayaan … Continue reading

Security Lessons from Camping Trip

I just came back from an overnight camp at Alfonso, Cavite for a completion activity for my Camping class two semesters ago. Here are some of the lessons I learned from the camp: Lesson #1: Knowing is half the battle. Never sleep 2 hours before your expected time of departure. My mistake. We were scheduled … Continue reading

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